The onLoad mythology

The story of onLoad begins in the summer of 2003 when Andreas and Marie, who had already been working together for some years in the synthpop project Eternity Range, decided to make a new kind of happy, catchy and weird music. They were inspired by video game tunes and the cool electropop of that time: Fischerspooner, Electric Computer People, Adult etc. They took the band name from a true computer geek source: a programming language term.

The first demo became something of a cult collectors item in the USA, where the songs were played in radio shows, clubs and noticed by several online electro magazines. OnLoad also appeared on the US compilation CD Return of the permanent wave, with the track Electrofish.

Right now Andreas and Marie are hard at work making new plastic toy pop songs for you all to enjoy and trying to make a full length CD release with onLoad finally happen.


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